Secrets To A Great Vacation

Everyone wants to have a great time during a vacation but often times we find that our trips never measure up to that. Either we push to do every activity or we find that certain activities or highlights in the trip aren't really what we wanted.

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AM Holiday Travel presents our travel guide, Secrets To A Great Vacation, for young and old, flying solo or with family and friends so that you all can have the greatest holiday ever!

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1 - Figure out what you want from your vacation.

It may sound counterintuitive with regard to vacations, but believe it or not it boosts your excitement and happiness before your coming trip. The daydreaming, reading guidebooks, reviews and recommendations all contribute to enhancing the actual vacation. Apart from that, it's always best to have some sort of game plan of how things will go during your vacation. You don't want to end up in a place and be completely unprepared to a point where you're at a loss of what to do. When deciding on a place, research on it. It's important to know about appropriate clothing, the climate, types of food, laws, weather and more. Especially if you're going to place that may be culturally different or unlike anything where you live, you'd want to be prepared to avoid any conflicts that may arise. Knowing what is available to you will also allow you to effectively make the most out of your vacation.

2 - Research and plan your destination a head of time.

We go on vacations because we want a break from the everyday routine. You can first decide on a goal. Do you just want to chill by the beach? Or are you looking to explore and discover new things? Knowing your goal would help in shaping what kind of experience you want to take away from your vacation. It can give you insight to where you want to go and the type of activities you want to do during the trip.

3 - Have realistic plans.

Like mentioned in the beginning, we all want our vacations to be THE DREAM vacation but reality kicks in. You can't do every activity or go to every tourist hot spot on your trip so set some realistic plans. Think about the activities you'd really like to do or try out so that you can effectively divide time, money and energy. If you're with friends or family, discuss what you'll all want to do. Don't forget to pace yourself. Last thing you want is to be burned out from you own vacation!.

4 - Plan for at least one highlight.

Successful vacations are not just determined by the good food, good weather and easy travel. A great vacation has a highlight — something memorable that you were able to do!

5 - Save the highlight(s) for close to the end.

Like in every great adventure, save the highlight of your trip near the end. You don't want to have all the hype in the beginning of your vacation only to have the excitement die down towards the end. The lasting impression people have of a vacation or place is what happens near the end.

6 - Spur of the moment!

Just as planning is important, don't forget to try something spontaneous and new! You don't have go to all the usual tourist traps. It could be something as active as cliff diving or wake-boarding to attending a local concert or trying the exotic cuisine of the city or town. Sometimes, these are the things that create the most memorable moments of the trip.

7 - Don't let the little things get you down.

What usually ruins vacations is getting distracted by the "hiccups" during your trip. It could range from the rowdy seat mate you sat next to during your flight or the journey to your destination being terrible. Stressing over things like that during will just ruin your mood. Nothing ever goes completely as planned. Accept it and move on. If you try to control every detail of your trip you'll never enjoy your vacation. Keep an open mind. You never know, years after you'll be telling that story to your grand kids and laughing about it.

8 - Don't go overboard with vacation photos.

Photos are great for remembering and keeping as souvenirs but try not to document your entire vacation with numerous amounts of shots. Your vacation isn't only about the pictures. Sometimes we feel the need to take hundreds of photos to "never-miss-a-moment" and yet forget to actually just experience it.

9 - Be in the moment.

Vacations are experiences and you'll only truly experience something are when you are in the moment. Sometimes we forget that these trips are privileges and often don't appreciate it for what it is. Let yourself be present and enjoy the time you have.

10 - Keeping the memories alive.

Don't forget you went on this vacation. There are some places you'll never get a chance to go back to. Sharing your experience with family and friends is a great way to relive those moments and maybe even inspire them for a trip too. Remember, that one day you'll look back and realize how lucky you were!

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